Where you begin

When meditating on your life, what do you find? Have you done the things you wanted to? Are you where you want to be? Have you had the opportunity to change some one’s life for the better? These are the questions that make you think.

The problem is, many times we don’t find the answers to them. What’s worse, the answer you do find, is not what you want. What happens next is a downward spiral of discouragement and hopelessness. You start to notice that things aren’t going the way you want. Instead feeling good about yourself, you somehow start to notice all of your flaws.

Well STOP!! That’s the last time I going to say it. Take a moment and think of the great things about your life. Who are you grateful for? What good thing did you hear today? What was it that made you smile this week? There are many things that we haven’t thought of yet. Things that go by us without our notice.

The objective is this series is to bring out the best things of your life. You will soon find that, with a different light shown on the events in your world, your perspective changes for the better. That, in turn, brings your entire world around. You will soon perceive the power that lies with in your own mind. Which, is where it all begins.