Essential Oils: Why I’ve used Young Living?

There are a number of different sources and ways to purchase Essential Oils.  Just like any product or service we can choose where to get them.  However, as you and I know, where you purchase your food and products from can greatly affect their quality.  I personally like Young Living as a source for Essential Oils for a couple of reasons:

I’ve spent more than two years in Guayaquil, Ecuador (which in itself is a reason…not a lot of Oil providers here) – but it’s also one of the many locations where Young Living cultivates, grows, and produces the plants and oils they use around the world.  It’s an incredible operation and I encourage you to come and visit it someday, or a facility near you.

As you explore my site you will see information regarding their high quality standards and meticulous processes to ensure we use the purest quality of oils.  Take a look at this video for a little peek at who Young Living is:




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